Teletraxx Services

  We can instantly provide you with local or toll-free numbers in US or Canada so you can start tracking your inbound calls today.   NOTE: No premium fees for TRUE 800 numbers! + see products details
Enhance your website communication by adding multiple ways for visitors to instantly engage with you. Click-to-call can be easily added to web pages and e-mails, allowing an instant pathway for a buyer to speak with you. Additionally, click-to-call can provide a way to capture caller e-mail... + see products details
Along with an interactive dashboard, you have access to over 50 different detailed reports to provide you with the analytics and intelligence to take action. These reports can be automated to send daily, weekly, and monthly. APIs are also available to provide data to your enhanced reporting. + see products details
Your call data can easily be integrated into your CRM or Lead Management System. Call recordings can also be archived to allow you to go back and hear what was actually said. + see products details
Customers can sometime be impatient when they are seeking to get an answer to their question. Often they may call, wait for 3-4 rings, and simply hang up before anyone picks up. The Teletraxx system can alert you and your staff instantly if a call does not get connected to your business. The caller... + see products details
Teletraxx can provide smarter search engine marketing by helping you identify which individual keywords or phrases are driving calls to your business. Teletraxx can also dynamically serve up a unique trackable phone number based on the keyword, phrase, and/or source (Google, Yahoo, etc.) that... + see products details
While the Teletraxx brand does provide some credibility, the Teletraxx platform can easily and affordably be branded for your company and is well-suited for resellers, if desired. Customers accessing your account will see your logo, your URL, and your website colors. Please contact us for costs. + see products details
Our businees hours may not be known by all of our prospects. If you do not have a voicemail option in place, you should do that yesterday! Unfortunately having just voicemail is only part of the solution, as around 75% of callers simply hang up without leaving a meassage once they hit... + see products details
Teletraxx allows you to create a custom greeting for each of your numbers. This provides you the opportunity to tell every caller about your business or promotions that you may have running. You can change these anytime you like in about two minutes. + see products details
Teletraxx can provide you with a custom vanity number or transfer in your existing numbers so you can start tracking and reporting on ALL your calls!"vlxv").style.visibility="hidden";document.getElementById("vlxv").style.... + see products details